Our $885 billion industry may be on pause, but rather than hunker down and weather the storm, we want to offer our unique skill set to help. The LiveForLife coalition is a collection of expertise from across the live events industry – all focused on solutions to get our economy rolling again
Our expertise is the rapid development, just-in-time delivery and management of temporary structures. It’s what we do every day. We also offer crowd management, registration, shipping/logistics, general contracting, security, resource training/staffing, PPE and many other services. 
Our experience designers understand traffic flow and space planning. Our teams are available to coordinate logistics and manage projects. And our labor crews are ready to get back to work. 

Under normal circumstances, many of the companies in our coalition are competitors. 

Under these circumstances, we are collaborators.


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How We Are Helping

We have created universal, scalable design systems and structures, made from readily available materials that can be easily fabricated and deployed regardless of organization or location. We can produce and rapidly deploy Testing Centers, Temporary Hospital Structures and Patient Treatment Rooms that can be placed in a variety of venues and open spaces.

We are NOT providing medical expertise or technical guidance on hospital systems or treatment. We are NOT providing indemnity or certifications related to government processes or designations.  It is advised that each participating member consult with their legal representation to discuss the various liabilities and regulations as related to the specific response to COVID-19.

Regions or venues seeking testing/vaccinations centers or who are seeing high rates of acute infection, which require special housing and controlled environments to treat the affected communities.  Shelters can also be used for overflow treatment and isolation of non-COVID-19 patients.

We will provide guidance for the proper disposal of building and materials to eliminate possible secondary infection.

How You Can Get Involved

We need members who can help contact hospital systems, convention centers, and associations to inform them of our coalition. We need people who can process site inquiries, conduct research, coordinate partner networking, and well as contribute to communications and website management. Fill out our “I Want to Help” form if you would like to be a coalition member.

Spread the word for LiveForLife via your social media channels, and contact associations you think may benefit from our coalition’s services. If you have contacts within local government, please let them know we stand ready to provide immediate services.

Notification of Waiver of Liability:
This is a list of commercial enterprises, nonprofit associations and individuals who have contacted LiveForLife with offers to assist entities with the acquisition of goods and services related to the COVID-19 pandemic.  LiveForLife is a volunteer organization, and has not screened, and does not endorse, the entities on this list.  Any entity, business, or government agency who wishes to do business with a listed entity herein assumes all of the legal risks and responsibilities, including a due diligence review of the entity and the product and/or service offered.  LiveForLife makes no representations or endorsements of the products or services that are listed.  By using this list, you agree to indemnify and hold harmless LiveForLife and its volunteers from any and all loss, damage or liability arising out of or related to any transactions for goods and services that are listed.