The $100 billion conventions industry is starting to reopen after a months-long coronavirus shutdown. Article here.

Nick Simonette, the VP of Business Innovation at Czarnowski Collective, joined Cheddar to discuss how his company has adapted to the pandemic. Interview here.

With the prospect of meetings resuming again in the foreseeable future, Event Industry Council (EIC) is bringing together leading voices from the global planner and hotelier community to collect best practices and standards. Article here.

Competing Event Industry Players Ditch Rivalries to Fight Covid-19. Article here.

CORONAVIRUS IN GEORGIA: First patients treated at Georgia World Congress Center. Article and video here.

How over 100 live-event companies pivoted to building temporary coronavirus hospitals and testing sites. Article here.

How 100 Live Events Companies Banded Together to Become Pandemic Responders. Article here.

Entertainment and event professionals have been helping turn the Principality Stadium into a 2,000-bed hospital to treat coronavirus patients. Article here.

As Americans look toward a return to normalcy after the coronavirus pandemic, a major question will be: Who is immune to the virus? To answer that question, the promise of antibody tests looms large. Article here.

Ford is now manufacturing face masks for internal use globally and pursuing certification for medical use at its Van Dyke Transmission Plant. Article here.

Vanderbilt doctors, engineers develop functional ventilator design to combat shortage. Amidst ventilator shortages, their cheap, accessible ambu bag accessory started as a garage project. Two weeks later, it has yielded ‘something we could use on a patient today.’ Article here.

See the Construction of a Field Hospital at Boston’s Convention Center. The Boston Convention and Exhibition Center is being turned into a 1,000 bed field hospital here.

Inside the Javits Center: New York’s militarized, makeshift hospital here.

National Governors Association consortium is planning for a 50-state streamlined medical supply chain – Gov Cuomo calls this “Plan B” if Fed doesn’t step in to centralize the efforts here.

Army Corps of Engineers’ plan of action for hospital overflow. The Mayor or Governor requests assistance from FEMA/Army Corps, which dictates their workflow. Lt. General Todd Semonite leads the effort, and describes work in the pipeline here.